Wednesday, July 04, 2007

That's Life

How appropriate, what a fantastic title for a book. Have been looking at Nic's book, looks fantastic, love the title, might have to pop into Kiwiscraps on Tuesday when I'm down that way and see if there are any left (don't like my chances!!!)

Can't wait to see it, when I first saw a picture of it, it looked quite thin, but I've since seen a better picture, and it looks to be good value, I'm not an ideas book person, but this is one to make me change my mind!

Our Create journal

No one seems to have posted pics of these fantastic little album/journal/book that we made at scrapcamp. SJ was the tutor, and she was great, had thought of everything, her instructions were fantastic. I missed some of the steps, but the instructions were so great it meant I could just wander ahead.

Inside there are 4 dividers, as can be seen poking out, all nicely decorated.

There are some plain pages in there, for sketches, notes etc.

There are also some page refills (you know, the clear plastic sleeves)

There are a couple of small brown envelopes which can be used for collecting nick-nacks.

The cool thing is, is that it is so easy to add more, just punch a hole, and add it.