Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well, 1 January was my last post, and I just haven't felt inclined to come back...... I am still here, still browsing your blogs, but always feel what I have to say isn't worth a blog post. I post regularly on Facebook, maybe because making a 'status update' can be done in a sentence, and I don't feel like I have to write more. I did look at Twitter, but decided I didn't need yet another avenue online, as it is I spend far too much time.

We didn't do much for the rest of the holidays, in fact, I don't think I have any photos or anything to share. The boys went to camp towards the end, a new camp to them, and although they say they didn't enjoy it, I think they did really.

Something I have been engrossed in over the last couple, no make that few months, really, it has gone on for the last year (and I know that 'cause I had a pediatrician appointment on the day before Christmas last last year) has been to find some 'help' for Cameron. For the last couple of years I have thought things weren't right, and it was put down to anxiety and OCD, however that still did not satisfy me, and I persued the matter. (and, looking at the date of that post shows me it is nearly 2 years that I have been fighting the system).

I happened to be speaking to a professional visiting our school, and queried her opinion. After explaining various behaviours she asked if we had considered the One Day School for him. I pushed through the paperwork and managed to wangle an assessment for the week before school started, as I knew I wanted answers before the term started. As it turns out Cameron has various levels of giftedness, ranging from extemely high in his thinking through to reasonably high in other areas. The testing also highlighted other areas where we will need to do some extra work in anticipation of intermediate next year, and college coming up. It has given me a professionals opinion, to give to the school, rather than just saying 'oh, my son is quirky'. Following this I have been vigourously reading books and online forums, hungry for information to help my son.

Last Thursday he started at the One Day school in Hamilton, and will go every Thursday for this term at least, and if we are happy with progress and results, he will go for the year. I am relieved that there are now answers, and wonder what could have happened had I not pushed for more.

We're all back settled into school. Braden is doing so well, involved with everything, his teacher is so impressed, I'm sure she must be talking about another child. Cameron is reasonably settled, has a second year teacher, so she is open to ideas, lots of enthusiasm, and he seems quite happy so far. I'm quite pleased how things are going with my job, a few changes from last year, but change is good.

We don't normally do anything exciting for Valentines, but I found out the Sky City had a 'Do not disturb' package for the weekend, so we nipped off to Auckland for Saturday, to be met with these lovely goodies, as well as valet parking, breakfast in the morning, and late check out of 1pm. We caught a movie, finally, at 10.45pm, after trying 2 times to get in and being sold out...... not a movie for everyone, but it was quite good. We then stopped in for a bit at the casino, and I think it was 4am by the time we got to sleep........ lucky we had that 1pm checkout!

I've done a bit of scrapping, not much, but will have to take those pictures when there is some light, hopefully over the weekend I will do some more. The weekends have been 'chocker' the last few weeks, so we have nothing planned this weekend, I am really looking forward to just relaxing and catching up.