Sunday, August 26, 2007

C is for Cameron......

..... my first born, nearly 9.

Cameron has an obsession with dinosaurs. The whole world revolves around dinosaurs, he can tell you which is which, probably about 30 different ones, and what characteristics they each have.

Cameron does very well at school, excells in spelling, reading is well above average, enjoys maths, and does well across the board!

He does not enjoy sports, although will happily participate at school, but he does tell me he wants to do athletics this coming summer (because he saw the fun they had on the last night, don't know if he realises he needs to participate on the other nights too).

He also follows in his fathers footsteps, and has trouble sleeping, he will often still be awake at 11pm, although we have since got some sleeping tablets, and he has them a couple of nights a week to make sure he gets his 'quota' of sleep for the week, otherwise he is like a bear with a sore head.

Speaking of him and sleeping, I'd best go see him to bed, and it shouldn't be too long before he's asleep.