Tuesday, October 09, 2007

H is for holidays.........

........ and where did they go?

I had all these great intentions to do catch up housework, you know 1 room a day, completely tidy it..... what did I do? Nothing, none, zip, zilch, nada...... and worst of all, I didn't do anything else. I really don't know where the days went. We went on 2 day trips, and you can't really count one of them because it was the first weekend. In the second week we went to Auckland for the day, just to Chipmunks, and Mini Putt, and then dinner...... Cock and Bull at Botany, it was absolutely packed, but the boys were actually reasonably well behaved. We also went to my nephews birthday, and one day I had to go and pick up my boys so I spent the day at my sisters, but that was about it.