Saturday, December 01, 2007



After doing a couple of hours in the garden, and basically having nothing to show for, because our garden has got so over grown, I decided we would go for a family afternoon, so we cleaned up and headed over Waihi way. A year ago we went to do the Karangahake Gorge Tunnel walk, but parked in the wrong carpark, and started at the wrong place. Anyway, on our way home that day, we found the right place, and said we'd be back.

It was a great day, but forgot hats for the kids, eek, so lathered them up in sunblock and headed off.

The best part for me, was stopping by the river, and Jon teaching the boys how to skim stones, that was neat to see.

After getting back to the car (man that tunnel is deceiving, it really doesn't look that long, you can see the end, yet it is 1100m long, and takes ages to walk, and COLD) we let the kids change and have a play in the river.

We then came back through Tauranga, and grabbed pizza's and took them down to the playground for a while, before heading home, everyone quite tired.