Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Interview

Aaaargh, I hate interviews. It's the whole lead up, nervousness thing that happens.

Anyway, I had my interview yesterday, a little more casual than I thought it might have been. Half an hour, chatted, answered a few questions, asked a few questions, then I was outta there, with a "we'll be making a decision by the end of the week, if not before, thanks".

I came out of it a little bit confident, but I was unsure who I was up against. I do know there was an older lady going in after me, so felt quietly confident then.

Today I am chatting to a friend, telling her about the interview... when my cellphone rings.

It's the school number, so I think mmmmmmm, what have the kids done now.

Oh yeah, I didn't tell you that it was a teacher aide job at the school my kids go to.


You guessed it.

My kids hadn't done anything.

It was the school ringing about my interview.

Yay, I got the job.

OMG, my heart was pounding.

Anyway, sorted that out today, informally inform my current boss about what is happening, just 'cause I didn't want him to hear through the grapevine, before I officially hand in my notice.

Then.... and this is the part about the rain and it pouring, I get a phone call to offer me another job. It is an offshoot job to an informal interview I had a year or so ago.

What to do, what to do?

I politely rung the lady for the second job, and didn't say it in so many words, but seeing they didn't see fit to offer me the job the first time, I didn't feel right accepting this time. It's not really what I would like to be doing anyway, so it was a bit of a no-brainer.

The short of it all, is I start my new job on Monday. Mmmm, that will be interesting. Have to get into a better routine around home, starting 8.30 every morning will be fun. I know others do it, but my children are just not morning kids!

It doesn't rain but it pours

Is that how the saying goes???

(And I don't mean the weather!)