Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Whoo Hoot Wednesday.....

..... actually on a Wednesday, for a change.

Well, 4 days later, and we are pretty much settled in. There is still a ton of boxes in the garage, that I refuse to bring into the house until the have been sorted, I'm not having boxes of 'stuff' in here.

- Yay for all the cupboards here. That would have to be my biggest wahoo today. I did the kitchen yesterday, and today found a cupboard, and 3 drawers, plus the cupboards that are right up the top (think preserves, or similar, for stuff not used much at all) that haven't been filled yet. When setting up the kids 'lounge/toy area' it was great to be able to stick my jigsaw puzzles up out of the way, leaving cupboard space clear for their sets.

- Can't wait till Saturday. Well, I can, as I haven't sorted out anything, still have to find some bits and pieces, but am really looking forward to a day out, and meeting all the ladies I have spoken with, and know all about, but not met.

- Pleased to have the fire going, we didn't have any wood for a couple of days, but got some today, so nice to be warm, just do not like the cold at all!

That's enough for me, makes me happy, so all is good.