Monday, October 29, 2007

That week went fast........

...... I guess that's what happens when there is a long weekend.

I had an appointment with a specialist on Tuesday (anyone want to share their stories about prolapses, feel free to email me)....... mmmm........ really don't know what I want to be doing regarding that, so it's all up in the air at the moment.

The rest of the week just went quite fast, nothing exciting happened.

Athletics started. Enough said about that at the moment, I have a very miserable 8 year old, who is getting very despondent about his results.

The fine weather finally graced us with it's presence, so yay for getting in the garden, spraying for prickle weed, etc.

Sunday it was Jon's grandmothers birthday, so we all met for lunch, and for a long time, just about everyone was there, 1 daughter in the States wasn't there, and 1 grand-daughter in Christchurch, so we got some cool photos. Pleased to get this one, 4 generations.

Anyway, those lovely goodies that I ordered turned up, and I had plans to work with them tonight, but as it's 9.30, I doubt I'll get much done tonight (had a crappy sleep last night, and ended up on the couch for a bit), as I'll head off to bed soon.

Jon lets me know he may be off to Fiji on Wednesday, 'Sorry I say, I can't get organised that quickly', LOL. It will only be a couple of days, more of an emergency trip, so will be back for the weekend, where we hope to go to BayPark speedway. In the past we have enjoyed a Guy Fawkes get together with the Social Club at Jon's work, but his new place of employment doesn't have much of a social club, so we thought we'd go to BayPark for their fireworks.

I was about to say I'm off to organise getting some photos printed, but have to say, I don't like DigitalMax new site for uploading. Anyone else had a try, there seems to be lots of steps, backtracking, all for so called improvements.

Monday, October 22, 2007

North of Auckland Harbour Bridge

OK, so this week we decided to head over the Harbour Bridge (because we always stay on this side) for a day out.

We had intended to go to Snow Planet, but were unsure if it was going to be suitable, especially at that price. We also intended to have a look at Auckland Luge, and do a bit of shopping. Bendon Outlets had half price of Bendon Sports Bra, and as my favourite fits that criteria, that was always going to be a stop.

We got to Snow Planet, and after going in to have a look, lots of discussion with various people, (and I even rung them the night before) we decided it probably was suitable for just playing around, it seemed a bit serious, all skiers and snowboarders. The kids were a little disappointed, but when we headed to the Luge they were happier. It was absolutely freezing, and unfortunately 1 of the sweatshirts had got wet on the way up there, so after much shuffling of clothes to get everyone warm we headed off for our turn.

A little different set up than Rotorua. You grab your luge, (we each took one kid the first time) get in line, get your ticket 'clicked' and head up the Travelator. This was seriously the most uncomfortableist thing I have been on! Get to the top, and choose 1 of 3 tracks, so we went with the Scenic route first, pretty good. You stay in your luge if you are going again, so we joined the queue again, Cameron jumped in one of his own this time, and we went again. We had 3 turns, then I let the others go again, while I took some video/photos.

Comparisons between the 2? A lot cheaper at Auckland, as you don't have to pay to go in the Gondola aswell, but price per ride is the same (actually cheaper inAuckland if you become a member). Tracks, probably about the same...... I felt the tracks in Rotorua were possibly a little steeper and more thrilling. Auckland has only been open a few weeks, so has some cosmetic work to be done, and could be great when finished. The ride back up, the points definately go to Rotorua on that one, sorry Auckland, very uncomfortable.

Then..... to soften the blow from missing out on Snow Planet we went to the GoCarts/Bumper Boats next door. Unfortunately the kids were too little to go by themselves, and too big to go with us, so we headed back towards town, intending to go shopping in Albany, but got completely lost, and after driving for a bit ended up at Wairau Park. We had a game of 10 Pin (and I won this time, for a change, we are big on 10 Pin, my hubby plays quite well), and I had a nosey at Spotlight.

We then headed to Botany, and we going to let the kids have a turn on the Bungy Tramp, but it wasn't operating that day, and they were a few minutes too late to make a Sand Picture at the Sand Wizard place, so we went to get some dinner, and tried Nando's for the first time. Cameron refused to order anything, Braden had a wrap, which was too hot for him, although he ate quite a bit of it. I thought it was OK there, but probably wouldn't go back, although if I did, I wouldn't order the burger with double chicken, the 'normal' would have been fine. It was quite expensive with what we got, but I think it was the sides that made it expensive ($3.70 for 2 half corn on cobs!!!)

After a wander around the Warehouse (which would have to be one of the messiest I've ever seen) we headed home, with 2 tired very kids (and 2 adults!) sleeping in late this morning!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I is for investment..........


OK. First I was going to mow the lawn, and it starts raining, so I thought I'd come and post here.

Secondly, we are going to Auckland tomorrow, and the 2 shops I wanted to go to are not going to be open, so I did a bit of online shopping, bought some of this in 4 styles, plus some new BG papers and more chipboard letters to add to my 'collection.'

I'll have to make the most of this, as we are going to have to watch spending a bit more, now that we've.......

......... invested. Yep, we've bought a rental property in Hamilton, these aren't the exact pictures, but they come from another unit the same. This is also a 'single' unit, ours is a 'double', so there is a double garage, and the lounge/master bedroom are a little bigger. The only problem is, now I've seen it, I don't want to rent it out, I wanna live there!!!

Anyway, had a great cyber crop at SBD last night, had a good run of luck, winning a couple of games, so I am looking forward to lots of mail this week.

Monday, October 15, 2007


As I have decided not enter the SBD Design Team Call, it means I can now share a couple of layouts that I was thinking of using.
I haven't done much scrapping lately, but looking back over my blog entries for this year, I've seen quite a few photos that I uploaded here, but haven't had printed, so will have to get onto that.

Well, it's turned quite cold and yucky here, so I've just lit the fire, will turn it down just to keep the chill away, and better go find something for dinner.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Thanks to Trina, here is a funny for you!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

H is for holidays.........

........ and where did they go?

I had all these great intentions to do catch up housework, you know 1 room a day, completely tidy it..... what did I do? Nothing, none, zip, zilch, nada...... and worst of all, I didn't do anything else. I really don't know where the days went. We went on 2 day trips, and you can't really count one of them because it was the first weekend. In the second week we went to Auckland for the day, just to Chipmunks, and Mini Putt, and then dinner...... Cock and Bull at Botany, it was absolutely packed, but the boys were actually reasonably well behaved. We also went to my nephews birthday, and one day I had to go and pick up my boys so I spent the day at my sisters, but that was about it.