Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Weekend

Well where to start.

How about an early morning call from the plumber. I was sound asleep and heard some banging, and called to the kids (who had got up to watch TV) "be quiet". Anyway, Jon's alarm hadn't gone off, or we had slept through it, the plumber turned up, the kids let him in (and then went back to watching TV) next thing I know, my eyes pop open as the plumber walks past our door. Now the scary thing is we don't wear anything to bed, and fortunately we were both still all covered!

I shouldn't complain, as he was supposed to come last week and with the frosts we had he had other urgent jobs to fix. Anyway, he'll do his bit first, and then later today the builder will make a start, I imagine it will be a couple of days, so with it being school holidays, AND wet weather I may have to take the kids out for the day.

Scrapcamp? You want to know about Scrapcamp. Had lots of fun. Actually did quite a bit for me, considering how much I normally do.

The classes were heaps of fun.

This is my Chris Millar page, the photo is shocking so will fix it later. Mine doesn't quite have as much bling as others, and even though pink is not really me, I like. I was quite surprised when hubby came around the corner at home as I was putting the photos on (cause I hadn't taken them to camp) and said, even before I said anything, 'wow, I liiiike that'. Chris was such a neat teacher, she thought of everything, and was so friendly and helpful.

We also made a cool little folder/album and that class was presented by Sara-Jane Bunting, who did an amazing job, she was so patient, and understanding (I skipped several steps, as I did not want them in my book). I'll add photos of that soon.

I also met up with some really neat ladies that I have talked to via web/blog/email, so hi to Ilka, Ruth, Tracey, Lynda, Kirsty, Trina, & Sandra

After Scrapcamp, Jon came over with the boys, and we went out to the Paradise Valley. When I rung him in the morning to arrange it, the weather had been clearing, unfortunately, just as we got there it turned to crap, and we got soaked. We were lucky to be in the right place at the right time, and followed the keeper around as he was feeding, and got to help him, and also see the Chicco the possum. Just as we were about to leave, being the last there, we were invited into see the cubs again, and got some cool 1-on-1 time with them, and the keepers. The photos are just terrible, I think the darkness didn't help, but with the flash they looked just as bad, and I had Jon's camera ('cause me, a scrapbooker, had flat batteries , doh!) which I'm not used to. I hope you also noticed I handed the camera to Jon and TOLD him to take photos of me. After doing pages at scrapcamp where we had gone away for the day, I began to wonder if I had actually been there, 'cause there were no photos of me!

By last night I was absolutely shattered, and fell asleep in the lazy boy watching TV.