Sunday, December 23, 2007

Well, here we are......... 2 sleeps till Christmas Day. I'm not feeling terribly inspired this year, not sure what it is...... I haven't even done any baking to speak of, Braden asked if we could make cookies tomorrow, so might have to do that to bring out some Christmas cheer. We are off to spend Christmas Day with Jon's family, just us, his mother and 2 sisters so a reasonably quiet day, with no preparations needed from my as she likes to do it all her way!

Ooops, I tell a lie, we, being the kids and I, made 100 or so little Christmas puds, out of the Mallowpuffs (we've all seen them by now), and gave them out to their class, (and I gave them to the class I have worked with mostly this year), so that was a marathon effort, but the kids did a good job.

Being Jon's first day of holiday, we had a sleep in, and after brunch we spent the afternoon in Hamilton, just a family day out, and doing a few bits and pieces. We caught up with GMIL (Grandmother in law) who we will not see on Christmas Day, and got a couple of things that couldn't be found in town here.

We then went to the movies, saw Fred Claus, it was OK, not hilarious, but the kids loved it. We then had some dinner and wandered out to The Base, had a wander around the Warehouse, Briscoes, and unfortunately just missed Mitre 10 Mega.

When we got home it was the night for us to drive around and look at the lights in town, mostly the same ones as last year....... a couple of new ones..... one cul-de-sac had a Santa giving out lollipops, and even his dog had lights on him. We've done our house up this year, so got a few ideas of what else/different we could do next year. Then tomorrow night we will walk the streets nearby, before heading off to bed in anticipation!

Jon is test driving the kids Playstation, "just to make sure it works", LOL, and I'm about to wrap the last couple of presents. Tomorrow will be a little bit of housework, and mow the lawns, (as my family will come to us on Boxing Day) and then we will do child swapping with a friend so she can get a few last minute groceries, and then just relax.

Hope this finds you all happy and healthy, and we'll see you in the New Year.