Sunday, May 27, 2007


Further to my post the other day

Rotten floor boards = new shower

New shower = new lino + new roof.......

New vanity...........



It doesn't end

Here is the bathroom, as it looks now, half way through being ripped out.

And here is the kitchen. You may ask why I'm showing you a picture of the kitchen. If you look carefully to the side of the sink, you will see our bathroom vanity aswell. LOL. Yes, that's right, while the bathroom is in pieces we have to wash and brush our teeth in the kitchen.

And you ask about insurance??? Don't ask! $1500 is all they cover, and $500 of that is gone already on 'ChemDry', trying to save the walls, which leaves us enough to pay the for the shower itself, and everything is up to us, the builder expenses, the new lino, tiles, vanity unit, everything, lucky we've got some money due to us!


While driving Braden to soccer yesterday, I chatted to him about the game of soccer. On the way there, and the way home we always casually chat about the game coming/had.

I asked him "What do you need to remember today?"

"Kick the ball out to my team mates" (cause at this age, they are still like bees around the honey pot)

"Yip" I say, "what else?".

"To have fun", "Yes", I say, waiting for some great soccer tip, then he says

"To try my best"

A huge smile creeps across my face, 'cause I realise 'he gets it'