Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whoo hoot Wednesday

Can't really think of anything exciting to Whoo hoot about.... just lots of bits and pieces happening.

Christmas is looming, gee how hard it is to organise families. I put my foot down this year, and said we are staying home, (because every year we have spent it on one side of the family,) but opened our house to both sides of the family and all other related and non related strays, and it doesn't seem to be working. Anyway, I've come up with the theory that those that come will have a great day, those that don't will miss out!, and we won't be making any other trips to have 'catch up Christmases'. We have 2 birthdays in the 5 days after Christmas so want to keep things simple.

Christmas lights....... have pulled them out to check them out and plan, bought another couple of sets now that this house has a 'longer' front, therefore more lights needed.

Getting back into exercise. Just made a point of doing it, ahead of other stuff. I'd always thought, 'oh, this needs doing, or I have to be here or there', now I just do it. Ever since we got the bike and home gym I've been hesitant about the gym, not sure if we were doing it right, but a friend put me onto a 'freelance trainer' who will come to your place, and help you out, to what ever level you want, just the basics, or he will keep tabs on you, and do things like kick-boxing with you. It will be good to get the basics under control, will make it all seem worthwhile. (and, as I have absolutely no self control, there is no temptations in the house, which has made it alot easier)

Getting further help for emotional and social issues with our eldest, nothing is set in place yet, but we have finally found an avenue that will work for us. More to come later.

Finally making an appointment for the youngest to see an orthodontist......eeeek, hear the dollars sigh ch-chinging! He seems to have my problem, small mouth not enough room for teeth, so hopefully some teeth out, like they did to me, might help. I was lucky they got in early, and I didn't need braces, or a plate, all I had to do was sit with an iceblock stick (and the dentist said I was allowed to watch TV, yay for the dentist) for half an hour(?) and gently prod my two front teeth forward. It worked! (Now, isn't that a journalling spark if I ever heard one!)

I scrapped heaps over a period of 2 days last week, did 5 pages, couldn't believe it, but haven't done anything since. (just need to take photos)

Mmmmmmm, thats about it..... just stuff happening, but yet nothing exciting!