Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 15, 16, & 17

Gosh, where have the last couple of days gone.

On Friday we lost one of our guinea pigs, so even though it is a bit morbid, here is my pic for Friday. My 7 year old was quite upset, and made this little plaque.

It was quite 'cute'. When I asked if he wanted say goodbye in the hole, or leave her in the box, he said he wanted to say goodbye in the box. He said his goodbyes, I tipped her in the hole and filled it in. Then he came to me, very sad, and said that he'd wanted to keep her in the box (forever was what he was thinking, LOL).

Next up, Saturday we had Cameron's birthday party. His birthday is late December, but as all his friends are away on holiday, we postponed it, so had a 'shark' party. The party went well, the kids are now at an age where they can entertain themselves, and not make too much mess. As they are getting past the classic party games I had hired an extra set of buzzers, so we could have a big "Buzz quiz". As most of the kids had this at home (it was very new and exciting to us) they weren't too impressed, and said they didn't want to play. However I set it up for those who wanted to, and all but one ended up playing, and even playing a couple of games, lots of fun.

Last night I had a mega tidy up in my scrap area, purged lots of stuff to sell/give away/throw, and re-sorted what was left.

Today I spent a little time making some 6x6 pages for this cause, these were so easy, there are 10 pages here, only took about 4 pages of cardstock, and a piece of patterned paper, which were all in my pile to give away, but hopefully these nice bright simple pages will do the kids photos justice. I know we have a similar charity here in the form of making an album for a child, but I found this to be something much easier to do, and would quite happily do it again if it is found there is a cause in NZ. As they don't have to be ready for another few weeks, I will definately do some more.

Thanks so much for the comments on my canvas, I think my hubby liked it, I wasn't there when he opened it, but he did say he loved it, so I'll have to take his word. The fact that he hasn't bought it home, means it must be displayed at work, which makes me happy. The title, has special meaning to me. When we first started going together, he wrote me a love letter, and thats how he signed it, so we often use it when appropriate.