Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A real post

  • Jon had a day off work yesterday so we got a couple of videos out. We were going to see Norbit at the movies a couple of months ago, so got that, boy, am I glad we never wasted our money at the movies. The other we saw was Pursuit of Happyness, nothing too exciting, but a nice 'feel good' movie.
  • My sister stayed on the weekend, so we took advantage of that and headed over to Hamilton for a night out, went to see Blades of Glory, (which was OK, I knew what it was going to be like, not hilarious, rolling on the floor, but a couple of funny bits) and then had some dinner.
  • Scrapcamp this coming weekend. I've made up about 17 page kits (yeah, right, as if), so will work away at those. I got my photos printed, and had them sent here, the only problem is I am all inspired to do the pages NOW.
  • Jon had been in Wellington for a couple of days last week, so on Friday night I cooked meatballs, something we've never really had (only in Subway rolls), OMG you would have thought Cameron thought I was making him eat horse shit! He spent half an hour at the table moaning, 'cause I said he had to eat 1. Well, I turned my back for 2 minutes, and he's coming out of the toilet, " I ate one" he says. I couldn't do much about it, 'cause I couldn't prove it otherwise, but I'll bet he didn't!
  • We had an appointment with a Doctor from the Child Health team at Waikato Hospital, with a 'tentative' diagnosis for Cameron's behaviour, so the next step is to seek counselling, both as a family, and for Cameron himself. I'm looking forward to being given some skills to be able to deal with his behaviours.
  • School holidays looming, any exciting ideas? We are going to New Plymouth for 1 night, and then Jon and I are away for a conference in Wellington from Tuesday - Sunday of the second week. Other than that, I don't have much else planned, I asked the kids for ideas, but they weren't to forthcoming either.
Right that's it for me.... I'm off to organise groceries, and other bits and pieces for those left behind on the weekend (yay, not me!)