Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A book recommendation

I really recommend this book for anyone. I've read quite a few recently, in an effort to gain some understanding, but this one really tops them all. Now, don't be mislead, this book is just not for families with difficulties, I think every single family would get something from this book.

What I've found with lots of books is they waffle on about this study and that study, and this result and.......... and you get to the end of the book, and think hmmmm what DID I get from that. This book is full of practical suggestions, ideas, theories, that are very relevant. It is Australian, so it is very similar to our lifestyle, as I often find American or British books seem 'distant'(for want of a better word).

And, the best part, it's very readable, very enjoyable.

Please, if you do read come back and tell me what you thought, and what ideas you have implemented after reading it.