Sunday, October 26, 2008

Labour Weekend

Not much happening here! What about your place?

I had my sisters kids stay Friday night, and we just mucked around yesterday, bit of TV, playstation, bikes, etc, and then our kids stayed at her place, while we went to the movies. There wasn't much on, so we saw Burn after reading, not really worth it, IMO, but I guess you don't know these things till you watch them.

Today was much of the same, although the house was quite quiet with the kids gone, I got up and made some muffins, mmmmmmmm, Pumpkin muffins. I probably went a bit over the top, too much cream cheese frosting, but I was trying to make them look good. The new piping bag split it's seam, so I resorted to the good 'ole Glad Snaplock bag, but ended up sticking my nail through it, so the last few were just iced with a knife (not that it changed the taste, LOL)

What about the weather today? Crazy! It was beautiful when I got up, so put my washing out, yet half an hour later it rained, I ran and got it in as I didn't want to spin it again before putting in the dryer, only for it to clear up again. We contemplated washing the cars, before it hosed down, and hailed and got cold. We lit the fire, and went to pick the kids up, and it cleared up and got really warm, so were expecting it to be quite hot in the lounge when we got home, but never mind, it rained again....... I give up!

Anyway, here is a page I did a few weeks ago, might even do another to match it, with more photos that we have of the individual family groups..... and now I might go work on our Australia pages some more.

Hope you weekend has been all you wanted, whether you are busy, or just chilling!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time waster

OK, so I have so many better things I should be doing, but this is lots of fun

If you go here, you can do lots of cool things with your photos (click on them will give you a much better idea of what I'm on about)

Image hosted @

Image hosted @

Not like you needed anymore ideas on how to waste time, aye???!??!?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

school holidays........

.... are neither here nor there for me, KWIM, I like having some time off, but having the kids around is a drag (LOL, damn those kids). Braden is fine, he can entertain himself, wanders off, gets busy, finds friends, and if no friends are around he's just as happy, but Cameron gets bored easily. He doesn't cope well with no routine, finds it hard to do things by himself, and likes to annoy everyone. They haven't been too bad, we've made sure we got out for walks, park, library, and also had a couple of days out. They have had their cousins stay last night, and now all 4 have gone to the local church for Craft and Creations.

The first Saturday we were in Hamilton anyway, so took them to see Journey to the Centre of the Earth. I wasn't too keen, but it was the kids choice, and the best one for us all to see, and was pleasantly surprised, it was quite good.

On Friday Jon was working in Rotorua in the morning, so the kids and I went over mid morning, went for a wander around the shops, had lunch at the lake, and then met up with Jon and went to the luge. We went about a year ago, but they are doing lots of work at the moment. There is a new 'launch' point, new helmets and another set of chairlifts, as well as photo points (quite reasonably priced). It's the first time Braden has been able to go by himself, which has been good in one way, but it's getting really expensive with all 4 of us loving it, and wanting more and more!

We've done some activities around home, made sushi, that was fun, and coincidently I found this cool game, really gets your mind thinking, (lots of fun for the kids too, LOL)

I haven't done much scrapbooking, despite spending Saturday at an all day crop (but that was just time out for me) I did do this page on Saturday, probably the first time I've started and finished a page in a day. It is a sketch Trina's that I've had stashed away to use, for ages, so was pleased to use it for these photos which had been around for a bit too.

Right, better go sort these boys out, I'm swapping for some girls this afternoon, that should be interesting.