Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Whoo Hoot Wednesday

Right, Whoo Hoot Wednesday seemed a great opportunity to get back into the habit of blogging.

- Every year, the industry that my husband works in, has a NZ Wide Conference. These are great fun, very fancy, dinners, etc, and up until this year, the partners have gone. Because he is now working for a new company, rumour was that partners don't go, and, in fact, until late last week even he didn't think he was going. But, yesterday gossip was that partners were invited. Yay, I thought, although I had nothing organised for the kids, and as such short noticed didn't know if it would all work out. Before confirmation we had toyed with the idea of paying ourselves for me to go, but really didn't know....... now that everything is confirmed we have managed to sort something out for the kids.

- Yay, for a weekend crop. Just out of town there is a 'studio', nothing flash, so half a dozen of us are getting together to scrap this weekend. The best part, we get cooked for, and stay the night, and it's only costing us $50. I can see it's going to be a late night on Saturday, and even more yay, is that it is the holidays so it won't matter if I don't get much sleep. I have been challenged to get 12 pages done, which will definately be a mission for me. I am so much the queen of procrastination, stuffing a half finished page back into the folder to 'finish later'. However, I have sorted and printed my photos from Australia, and have most of the papers I need, so might just have to cut my titles before I go, as we have a printer there,........... and here's hoping to getting finished.

Right, I don't want to shock you all, burbling on, after no posts for so long!