Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Even longer.....

..... between posts.

5 sleeps and counting. Not that I'm getting excited or anything, LOL. This week is all about doing jobs around the house, and outside. Usually all the boring jobs get left till I'm on school holiday, so these holidays they have to be accomplished in 1 week, plus packing. It's all the little jobs, making sure bills are set up to be paid, cancelling the paper,......... if you think of anything remind me will ya?

I haven't taken any photos lately, nothing exciting happening. I will share a couple of pages done, trying to use up some old supplies, especially letters. I don't think I've shown the first one, I just love it so wanted to share. I've taken to doing white backgrounds lately, certainly have lots of white cardstock from my refills.

The other 2 are fairly recent, ones I've actually finished, neither are 2 exciting, but hey, they are done, oh, and I was too lazy to take the Red Hot Birthday one out of the page protector, that's why there is a glare.

Holidays? Well, kids have not been too bad.... wish they would entertain themselves instead of asking for TV all the time. I mean, as is always said, we never watched that much TV when we were little. Trying to avoid doing anything costly, as obviously these holidays are going to cost a bit, but might take them to the pools this afternoon.