Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well....... the dinner the other night didn't quite go as it should have, although it did go as I expected. Cameron took one look at it, and said 'I'm not eating that', which he didn't, Braden chowed it down, declaring 'this is the yummiest, mum'.

Anyway, more new food experiences. Sushi. Because I am organising a Sushi Day at school, for lunch, I thought it best I try it myself. I bought some home for the kids and I. I expected Cameron to screw up his nose, and Braden to like it, however it was the other way round, Braden took one bite and spat it out, and Cameron devoured it, and wanted more. We have only tried Teriyaki Chicken (rolls), and also tried chicken teriyaki and sweet and sour chicken nigiri-zushi's, but they just ate the topping and didn't eat the rice. Now Cameron asks everyday if we can have it, and when is it Sushi Day at school.