Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Check it out

New things......

....... food related.

After seeing Carl Barron when we went to Wellington earlier this year, we said we would make an effort to see other comedy shows, so when this chick rocked into town last week, we jumped at the chance to go see her.

When we turned up, and saw a cooking show set up, we weren't sure what to expect. Aaah, we were pleasantly surprised. She cooked a meal from her past, from her Dide,(grandad) and spoke as she was cooking, lots of memories, jokes, cooking tips, all thrown in together. While dinner was simmering she wandered into the crowd, still doing her show, and joking. Dinner was served, and she came and sat at our table, and had a great chat with us.

Now, if you haven't seen her, you must have an open mind, she is quite crass, which was fine by me, I wasn't sure how others would find her (my boss, the principal of the school was there, and after chatting to her the next morning about the show, I was quite surprised how open minded she is)

Anyhoooo......... when I saw what was being served for dinner, I thought, 'there is no way Jon is going to eat that'. Well.... wasn't I surprised, he did, he enjoyed it, and....... we are having it for dinner tonight.

Now it is nothing special, just a stew really, but since being together, we have never had stews of any sort, I love them, Jon's not so keen.

I shall update tomorrow how it all goes, I'm not sure how the kids will react, as they too have not had stews, but I am hoping this time, with Dad there modelling, it should go smoothly!