Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm in love....

.... OK, I'm not a materialistic person, but I am so in love with this, our very own DVD recorder.

When the other staff were leaving at Jons work, they received luggage. We went to them and said "we seriously do not need luggage, if you want ideas then........." so we were very fortunate to receive a voucher towards this baby. The best part, the chase and play feature. Let's say you're going to miss the start of a movie/programme by a little bit, you can start recording it at the start time, and when you get in from 'work/shopping' 10 minutes later, you can start watching the movie from the start, while it continues to record, isn't that just the greatest.

Anyway, while I'm on the topic of tv, etc, who has been watching America's Got Talent? We only started watching it about 5 weeks ago, so missed a few of the previous talents, but wow, what a variety. Tonight is the finale, and seriously they could all win (although I have reservations about the rapping granny, LOL.)

(By the way, I will be back with my ABC's, just need to find some photos to do the E post!)