Sunday, September 02, 2007

D is for.......


This is my Dad, the first was taken at what used to be called the Hilldale Zoo, now Hamilton Zoo, and I was 15 months old.

The second photo is taken at a place called Bulmers Landing, (out the back of Arapuni way) somewhere we used to spend quite a bit of time as a family, and with extended family. I was 23 months in that photo.

Growing up my Dad used to work at a timber yard, and would do shift work, starting early in the morning, one week, finishing at 2, (and the alternate week he would start at 2 and work through to 11ish) and then would go mow lawns. When we got old enough we were allowed to go help him, often the little old ladies whose lawn we mowed would have little treats for us.

(PS, I wanted to add more to this, and probably come back to it, but felt it appropriate to post it today, and not that my father would see it, he doesn't even know how to turn a computer on, but Happy Fathers Day Dad!)