Wednesday, March 26, 2008


...... for all your concerns and well wishes.

Yes, I did buy a Lotto ticket the next day, and we did win, not a huge amount, but the most we've won in 5 years, LOL. For those that asked, 'no of course I wasn't standing on the table' said in my best indignant voice, (I was leaning on it though, sssshh.)

Right just to catch up, a few photos from Whangamata, didn't get anything exciting, it was quite nice to not worry about the photos, and just enjoy the time.Image hosted @

Easter, well, we didn't do much, with having been at the beach last weekend, and then Jon is away for the next 4 weekends, and then it will be time for us to go to Australia, we decided to stay at home. We did wander to Hamilton for the day, did a spot of shopping, and had dinner at the Cock and Bull. Right that took so long to make that mosaic, so I'm just gonna put some photos up, flick past if you're not interested. (OK, so that mosaic is sooooooo small, not sure what the story is there)

Then on Sunday we had lunch with Jons mother, it was a nice relaxing afternoon, kids had a hunt, spot the big kid out there.

Now it's back to work!