Sunday, April 05, 2009

I've been away........

So where have I been I hear you ask? Well first I stopped in Canberra, Australia, and did a page using product (Basic Grey) from Aussie Scrap Source .... then I jumped on a plane and headed to Papua New Guinea, and this layout has the colours represented on the PNG flag.
I then had a few hiccups with flights, and didn't make the next few destinations, let call it a detour (aka WORK) LOL.

Getting things sorted out I then headed to the US, where I picked up a bonus ticket, aswell as using the offered sketch created this page.
Finally we were offered several options for a pitstop, so here is my wildlife page........
and finally 4 extra pages, giving me 2 extra tickets.

So, my tally, for this little jaunt around the world;
my original blog post 1,
pages, 6,
tickets from Monday and Thursday, 2,
and a bonus for gallery comments, 1,

gives me 10 tickets by my reckoning.

It's been a whirlwind trip, would have loved to do more, but, I've scrapped more in a couple of days, than I do in a month!

I had a great time, and seeing the fabulous work in the gallery has been inspiring..... thanks Andrea for all your hard work for this little trip!

ETA Andrea has just given bonus tickets out for those that completed 4 challenges, which I managed to do, so that's now 11.

ETAA (Edited to add again) That makes 12 now, because if you blogged after the race started you also get a ticket. Funnily enough, I finished my blog post, and thought yay, all done, and then realised I hadn't loaded ANYTHING into any galleries, so nearly missed out completely, LOL.