Tuesday, September 25, 2007

G is for grill.....

..... Stone Grill to be exact.

We headed up to Auckland for a day out on Sunday, don't really know why, 'cause there are movies in Hamilton, (and Tauranga, Rotorua, several places closer than Auckland). We saw Evan Almighty, took the kids, it was a good fun family movie.

By the time we got out from there it was 4pm (we didn't leave home till 11.30am), so we had a wander around Botany Downs. We had to buy the boys new shirts at Farmers, 'cause Braden had had M&M's at the movies, and had a lovely rainbow coloured t-shirt.

Then Jon said we were going somewhere special for dinner. We went here, which was something different.

I was very unsure, but pleasantly surprised how effective the stone grill was for cooking. The basalt grill is heated to 400 degree farenheit and is slow to cool so don’t think cooking time is against you. Either deftly turn the quicker cooking items onto a side place while you attend to longer cooking items or vice versa – deal with the quick cook items first then take time to slice away pieces from longer cooking cuts and cook them one or two at a time. (Not my words, from the review I found)

The kids weren't too keen to try it, but chicken kebabs were an option, so next time we are just going to get them for the kids, give them an experience.