Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Because I haven't updated for so long,........... I'll do an update in bullet form...........
  • Braden successfully took part in his first Weetbix Tryathlon challenge. It was a long day for everyone involved, but I was so proud to see him do it, all by himself too, not in a team.
  • Soccer has started again, we haven't had any games yet, first weekend in May, but practice has, Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings for the next...... oh, 3 months!
  • Well, the holidays are upon us, and I've already had enough. Mr 10 just cannot entertain himself, and Mr 8 wants to have his fingers in all the pies, wants all the friends over, wants to do Soccer Camp, but is upset when it clashes with something else he wants to do..... I just want to sit quietly for 5 mins, LOL. I have 3 new Creating Keepsakes Mags to read. I haven't been buying them, but at the moment they have 2 free ones, so if they are 2 I don't have, then I will buy it, works out to just over $3 a mag, can't go wrong there.
  • Anyway, I just have to rave about my Scrappin Patch order! I ordered about 7 in the morning, by 8 I had an email to say that my order was packed and ready to go, and the courier picked it up at 9.30. Soooo, in anticipation of my ordering arriving today, and being able to sit down and create, (because I have been waiting to do a particular layout) I got out in the garden yesterday and did a couple hours hard work, and then again this morning. The people before us never had anything growing in the back garden, so there was a lot of work, just need to wait for my Buzzy Lizzies to 'root', and then I'll fill the garden with lots of colour! We also inherited some shelves for the garage, so now everything is nicely placed, and in a 'logical' place, wonder how long before a male in the house comes in saying 'where is..............?'
  • We also had one our chrysalises 'hatch' and have sent our first beautiful butterfly on it's way.
  • We have also had our cat at the vets. At first we thought he had broken his foot or leg, but didn't rush to the vets, as a friend had been in the same situation last weekend, and the vets wouldn't do anything till the Monday when they could do the x-rays. Then, on Monday, he had a sore on his leg, which at first we thought was where he had been 'gnawing' at the 'pain' in his leg, but after talking to my friend the vet, she said it was probably an abcess which had burst. He would have had the abcess all along, and that would be what was causing him to walk funny. Anyway, antibiotics is the way to go, he is already better after 2 doses. Poor baby, he is 16 years now, 17 in a couple of months, and we were having terrible thoughts about having to make the decision about his leg, fortunately that was made for us!
  • The cold weather has set in, we cleaned the fire, and have had some small fires going the last couple of days. One good thing about the cold nights is nice crisp clear days, which is great for washing. I was lucky enough to grab a couple of nice woollen blankets when we were clearing out a relatives house. We have lots of duvets, but nothing beats a woollen blanket, so they have been given a good airing today. I also got some yummy warm jamas. I don't normally wear jamas to bed, I have my own personal heater in bed, LOL, but sometimes when you've had a shower early in the evening, or going somewhere like Scrapcamp, etc, and you need something.
  • We went to the Easter show on Saturday. We didn't go last year,as it was just getting so expensive,but decided that as it fell in the holidays we would make a day of it. The kids had to earn some money to spend, we bought most of the stuff, but they had to choose to spend there money on side shows/games/ etc. Here they are earning some money, the hard way. We got there about 11, had a late breakfast, you just have to have hotdogs at the show, and had a quick wander around. We then went to the circus, which was just fantastic, and then to the Cadbury Magic show. We then grabbed some lunch, which was a bit disappointing. We ate in the 'cafe' area, but while sitting there, saw some more options outside, which looked yummier!
  • After watching Chelsea and her dogs, and looking around the trade stands, and the cats, animals, etc, and a few turns on the side shows, it was 5.15 and we needed to get going. We were supposed to meet someone for something, but that fell through (a whole 'nuther story, LOL). Do you know what, we did not even go into the ride area. Cameron did not want to go on anything, and Braden was a bit hesitant too, although we would have all gone on the slide, we just didn't go near it. We had some dinner and got home about 10.30...... I was very very tired, I'd been awake early, and it was a loooong day.
Anyways....... off to create!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I've been away........

So where have I been I hear you ask? Well first I stopped in Canberra, Australia, and did a page using product (Basic Grey) from Aussie Scrap Source .... then I jumped on a plane and headed to Papua New Guinea, and this layout has the colours represented on the PNG flag.
I then had a few hiccups with flights, and didn't make the next few destinations, let call it a detour (aka WORK) LOL.

Getting things sorted out I then headed to the US, where I picked up a bonus ticket, aswell as using the offered sketch created this page.
Finally we were offered several options for a pitstop, so here is my wildlife page........
and finally 4 extra pages, giving me 2 extra tickets.

So, my tally, for this little jaunt around the world;
my original blog post 1,
pages, 6,
tickets from Monday and Thursday, 2,
and a bonus for gallery comments, 1,

gives me 10 tickets by my reckoning.

It's been a whirlwind trip, would have loved to do more, but, I've scrapped more in a couple of days, than I do in a month!

I had a great time, and seeing the fabulous work in the gallery has been inspiring..... thanks Andrea for all your hard work for this little trip!

ETA Andrea has just given bonus tickets out for those that completed 4 challenges, which I managed to do, so that's now 11.

ETAA (Edited to add again) That makes 12 now, because if you blogged after the race started you also get a ticket. Funnily enough, I finished my blog post, and thought yay, all done, and then realised I hadn't loaded ANYTHING into any galleries, so nearly missed out completely, LOL.