Monday, July 14, 2008


It's all on.

We had been trying to find a rental property (we are going to rent ours out, and rent something a bit bigger) last week, and had one lined up, but someone got in before us, so put it on the back burner while we were away.

Then..... this morning I get the call to say it's ours if we still want it, so we are moving. Friday. Right, I have 3 days to pack up, and clean, and thats from scratch, we haven't had a couple of weeks to prepare, and start, and declutter, and clean, etc, it's all go now!

I can't wait, 4 bedrooms, plus an office, double garage with internal access, cul-de-sac, and just over the fence to the intermediate and college (when the kids go in a couple of years).

So..... on that note, I'd better go, get packing, I want to do the kids rooms before they come home, and see what I've thrown out, LOL.