Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not much to say.....


yay............Survivor finale is on this Thursday. Now, we are only just catching up on the 2 episodes that screened while we were away, plus the one just gone, (because we wanted to catch up before we saw that), but I have seen the ads so do know who has gone. What I love is the CBS website does not show the winner on the front page anymore, even though they know in America, it's not spoiled for us. I would often go into the site to check something while watching the series and find out the winner ahead of time. An all girl final, yay for the girls! Do you watch, if so, who do you want to win?

Nope, got nothing to show you as far as layouts from Australia. I really want to use Scenic Route Grafton, so was just waiting for Andrea to catch up, having been not well, and will order that now, and then look at photos.

I love the layouts from this lovely lady, (she was so helpful answering my questions) and am really inspired by her work. After reading her recent blog post I went and bought a CK, which I haven't done for ages, but was quite pleased, both with the magazine itself, but also getting freebies, which included an older magazine, so effectively made them $5 each. I did that last year, waiting till June/July, and bought them, and got all the ones from earlier in the year. Anyway..... in the recent issue is some great articles on layouts with lots of pages, and album ideas, etc, so that got me going.

Other than that, I'm busy washing, washing, washing, and no, not catching up from our trip. We have a lovely visitor, who has decided my drawers make a good home. I have washed all my clothes, but haven't put them back, as the sneaky bu@@er has eluded me. I have used an old wooden style trap, as I like to just throw the whole thing away, but the mouse has been able to eat my peanut butter without setting it off, so I'm just about to set one of the peg style ones, (then hubby can empty it!)

Anyway, back to the washing!