Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Well, I really thought I should make an appearance around here, so I guess Whoo Hoot Wednesday is as good as day as any.

Nothing terribly exciting to Whoo hoot about

- Yay for haircuts, cut and colour today, much needed!

- A definate yay that while I was contemplating mopping the kitchen floor, I didn't get around to it, fortunately as Junior was clearing the table, and dropped the tub of coleslaw, which broke and spilled on the floor

- School interviews that went well, both teachers were very happy, although Junior tends to get a bit silly with a mate, but that's not major.

-More yays for this house. Braden had his birthday party on Sunday. Now, normally I would have been freaking because of the wet weather, but knowing we had plenty of space, plus the double garage if we needed it, I wasn't worried. As it turned out, the weather was great, the kids opened the presents, played one game I set up, had lunch, and then I never saw them again, they spent over an hour at the College field, and tennis courts, entertaining themselves!

So, anyway, as I said, it was Bradens party on the weekend, his birthday is actually tomorrow, and this time 8 years ago, I was completely unaware of what was to change overnight. You see, Braden wasn't actually due until mid September, so when I woke at 5ish in the morning to a little bit of action, I did not expect him to be born that day. We went to the local delivery suite/hospital to check out what was happening, to be told they would send me through to Waikato. Soon the ambulance had backed up, they had a lure in, and my doctor decided to check how far along I was, discovering bubs was nearly here. He broke my waters and he was born about 20mins later. Eeeek!