Friday, February 29, 2008

OK, I've lost a photo somewhere.........

........ will have to check the other camera when hubby comes home.

OK, first up, a favourite, 3/4 pants, cotton, so comfy, I have 3 pairs, and wear them everywhere, I'm a bit like Sharon, so not into clothes shopping.

Cameron has been doing lots of french knitting lately, and came home with a knitting book the other day, so we borrowed needles, and I've been teaching him the basics, from what I can remember, but knitting is like riding a bike, you don't forget.

We've stepped up the jobs the kids have to do around the house, they were just taking things a little for granted, so Cameron did a super job folding the towels yesterday, very pleased with it.

Afternoon tea at our house, kids are hungry hungry, especially Wednesday when they come home on the walking school bus, so toasted sammies were the order that day.

Right, first Saturday of the month tomorrow, so off scrapping. Hope to make a small album for my cousins little girl who was 1 yesterday, and then we will go up there for a little party on Sunday afternoon, better go get some jobs done before that.