Friday, April 04, 2008


I wasn't going to post tonight, (not that you would miss me, LOL) as we are having family movie night (minus the Dad, because he is away for the weekend) but I need to vent.

Cold callers, phone marketers, surveys, whatever you call them, they annoy the cr@p outta me.

Tonight, right on dinner time the phone goes, and I stupidly answered it, thinking it might have been DH. After a huge pause, which is obvious why later, a lady with a terrible accent, don't know where from, starts talking. Now. she speaks good english, but with the accent, and the distance, (she's in Australia) she is very hard to hear and understand. She waffles on about this Affordable Holidays Vacation Club, which sounds good, but hey, as they say, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! At one stage when I get interupted by one of the kids she asks to speak to one of them...... saying, we've just had a baby and I love kids. Whatever! I tell her politely that it is a very poor connection and they won't be able to hear her! After close to 10 minutes, she says, OK, I'll put you through to my supervisor, so I wait for him, before I lose it, and tell him how hard it is to hear him, that my dinner is burning and my kids are fighting. He is going to ring back at 2pm tomorrow, ha, when I'm not home.

By contrast, the phone just rang again, and, stupid me, answers it again. This time a lady says in a nice clear voice, this is blah blah, from blah blah company, I'm looking for a suitable person for a survey on blah blah, so I say, 'well, who do you want', and she says, 'female, 20 - 24', and I say 'no, sorry', and she says thanks, bye. Now how easy was that!

I was going to post a layout I did, ages ago, but after reading Trace's blog, was reminded about it, and don't think I've shown it here, but I don't have it already photographed and on my computer, so will add it tomorrow. She has some great info there, something I'm passionate about too, probably not as much as her obviously, but it's information that makes a huge difference when the kids get from her stage, at kindy, to mine as new entrants!