Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Things moving along.....

... the days are going quickly but I'm not worried. We are spending Christmas Day with MIL, and 2x SIL's, a very traditional Christmas as MIL is from America, but that is all organised. Boxing Day I have invited all my family here, and that will be very casual, come and go as you pleased type thing, so am not worried about that.

We decided last year to really get into doing the house up with lights, but said we would start earlier this year, to be ready. Well, about 2 weeks ago we put several strands up, but didn't get any further, so yesterday I spent the day up and down the ladder, hammering, tieing, to finish off. Unfortunately we don't have much of the section/house facing forward so can't do too much more. I put the tree up, and the kids decorated, mmmmmmm, oh well, that's what it's all about!

One week, one day, left of school. We are really going to enjoy the weekend and Monday, as Jon has usually worked right up until Christmas Eve, so it will be nice to go visit a couple of family members we won't see on Christmas/Boxing Day, and might go see the new movie Fred Clause.

Braden learned to ride a 2 wheeler about 3 years ago, when Cameron got a new bike, and Braden got the smaller bike. However, sometime after that he must have had a fall, or a scare, and refused to get back on it, so I relented and put the trainer wheels back on. He rode it like that for a while, until I said I was taking the training wheels off again, and he has not got back on it since....... until last week. I was watching him across the road at a neighbours place, trying his bike, and actually succeeding. Now, we can't keep the little blighter home, he's off down the road all the time, but is pretty good, as he has end points where he can ride to and from.

Right, been on a school walk today, absolutley knackered, (and the child I was looking after had jandals on which gave him blisters, so it was a long tedious walk), so I'm going to put my feet up, relax, watch a half hour comedy, before getting dinner.