Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wow, what a weekend...........

....... and it's only 3/4 of the way gone, some time for me this afternoon I feel!

So far already we have:

- Entertained family who stayed Friday night and Saturday morning.

- Washing

- Braden had his final game of soccer for the season. Their team won their division, in fact, they won it even before yesterdays game. They played so well, yesterday in particular, and have really come together as a team. I had a proud Mother moment yesterday, when standing on the sideline, I overhead 2 ladies talking, one knew my son, one didn't. The one who didn't commented to the other, while watching Braden "Gee, that Braden's a really good player" I couldn't help but smirk to myself, with my back turned, made my heart swell! After the game we gave a little gift to the coach, and all the kids went back to her place for lunch and to watch the video of their games.

- Been for a family walk, just wandered up town, and came home the long way, nice to get out in the fresh air for a change.

- Did a huge tidy up in the garden, cleaned up some areas that hadn't been done for a while. There is an area that has been a garden of some sort, but has been let go. It is level with the grass, so I just gave it a good weed, roughed it up, and will grass it. It won't be flash looking, but thats OK, it's around a corner and at least we will be able to mow it.

- Put together our gym and the bike, and tidied up all the packaging that came with that!

- Mowed the lawns. Met the neighbours. Made scones for lunch. Supervised children. And all done with 2 extras, man, I forget how hard it is to look after a 2 year old. She just wants to be my shadow and talk to me non stop!

- Now I'm off to pick up Juniors bike, which got left on the farm weeks ago, and with this fine weather he is missing it, hoping the littlie will sleep, then drop them off home, and have that time to myself for an hour or two before the week starts.

ETA Oooops, I hit the wrong button and it never posted, so now I've got the bike, let the little one have a roam around the farm and see all the animals, got some cool photos that I'll make into a little laminated book for her, and have picked up the grass seed!!! Just a few more hours left, I think I'll do some baking.