Thursday, November 27, 2008

I've done something silly......

..... maybe. About a week ago I found the young fellas bike helmet lying on the floor. Now, I've got to the stage (more soon) about stuff lying around, so I think, (and thats where it gets difficult)
I picked it up and put it away, like in a cupboard. The tricky part is, now I can't find it. I'm not 100% thats what I did, or if I only thought about it, but now the helmet is nowhere to be found. And, until it's found, he's not allowed to ride his bike, which is really hurting him. I'm taking the stance at the moment, that he should have looked after it, but if I had put it away it would have only been for a couple of days, however it's been over a week now, and I'm feeling bad!

When we lived in a smaller house, there were limited places for stuff to be kept. Now we have extra rooms, cupboards, space, garaging etc, things seem more spread out. Like, some computer stuff is in the office, and some in the cupboard in the lounge, letters and bills, etc are sometimes by the computer, because thats where I do online banking, or on the bench as you walk in the kitchen, or in the office......... get the drift?!?! This weekend is free, so I'm going to try to put some procedures in place, label things, define homes, etc. (and hopefully in the process find this blimmen helmet!)

Christmas is around the corner, and I've already had enough of this whole present thing. My husbands family is big on presents, but now everyone has started saying, oh, I don't know what I want, just get me a voucher, well, if we are all exchanging voucher for same or similar amounts, then why bother. Theres not much thought happening these days!

We went to Hamilton for a work function last Saturday night, and stayed over, so when we got up Sunday morning we had breakfast downtown, and then did a bit of Christmas/birthday shopping, without the kids!

The kids at school had the opportunity for a golf day today, so I popped out in my break to watch, although by the time I got out there, and allowed for time back, I only saw Braden have a couple of shots. He had a great time though, must be running in his blood from his father and grandmother!

Finally, this was something I saw a while ago, and just saw it again on Hannahs blog, so here's my contribution. You have to go to your photos file, or flickr album or whatever you use, go to the sixth folder, and choose the sixth photo. This was taken on Camerons first day of school, he turns 10 in a month, so it's 5 years ago. Man he looked so tiny! The other 2 include a nicer photo of him posing, and one of him in the junior playground. While looking at it, the kids we looking over my shoulder, and we went back and had a look at a few other photos from around that time, they thought it was great, must get my albums back out into the lounge, now that we have that space I was talking about!