Monday, April 14, 2008

So long.....

.... lots happening.

Been spending heaps of time playing with the Wishblade. Trying new things, different things, haven't cut much, but that's the good thing, you can play to your hearts content, and then just try something new.

Jon went fishing last weekend, his first real fishing trip. A real boys weekend away, apart from being sick the first day and night, I think he enjoyed himself, even came home with some snapper for us for dinner. The guys gutted them on the way back in on the boat, but we had to fillet it when he got home, so called our friend from down the road to show us, now we know!

This weekend just gone we mucked around home, the weather has started to close in, although it was nice for the Balloons over Waikato on Saturday. We were going, we weren't, we weren't, finally we did. Man, it was packed, far more people there than when they had it at the Lake. I think there were a lot of teenagers there more for the rides and the sideshows, of which there were not so many at the old venue.

Saturday was also our wedding anniversary, Jon jokingly informed me I had to wait a couple of weeks for my present (going to Australia), so when the fireworks started at the Balloons I told him I'd organised it especially for him! LOL.

Sunday we managed to go for a walk up town, just mucking around, and then visited FIL for his birthday.

Have been busy trying to sort a whole lot of paperwork out, you know everything seems to need to be renewed at the same time, warrants, insurances, etc as well as trying to get bits sorted out for Australia, less than 2 weeks to go now.