Sunday, July 08, 2007

Been a busy few days. Sorting out the bathroom. Buying baths, lights, and everything else you need. The shower is up and running, which I am really disappointed with, we used to have a reasonably good shower, so I don't know if it was the budget system we bought, or something during the installation, but will get the plumber to advise, 'cause I ain't going back in that shower.

Thursday we headed down the New Plymouth, stayed the night, and headed home Friday. We were just dropping off the shower door we had sold, so it was a quick visit. On the way down we stopped at the kiwi house in Otorohanga, and then caught up with my sister briefly, before carrying on.

We tried to visit more family of mine, but they were in Aussie (for 75 days, no less, I hated packing for a couple of weeks, imagine that), so headed to our motel, and then on to dinner and movies.

The last couple of school holidays there haven't been much in the way of kids movies, this time there were so many to choose from, Shrek 3, Transformers, Bridge to Terebithia, Fantastic Four, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Anyway, the kids chose Fantastic 4, and there was only 1 other person in the theatre, which the kids thought was fun.

We happened to be in NP during the tornadoes, but fortunately didn't have any problems, although it was very very cold and wet when we went out that night. The weather cleared for us on the way home too.

We dropped the kids at my sisters in Te Kuiti, rushed home, got ready, and went out to Hamilton to a work do, to a "Ball". Nothing exciting, home about 2, and we slept till 10.30. Got up, went and picked up the new bath, had some brunch, and then off to scrapbooking with the Matamata girls, while Jon went and picked up the boys.

Then..... today....... I'm trying to get ready as we are off to Wellington for 6 days, driving down tomorrow, conference Wednesday - Friday, potter around Saturday, and wander home on Sunday, and even better, no kids.