Thursday, January 10, 2008


......... one of the reasons I've been reading lots of books, like the one in the previous post, is we have been working towards something for the last year, and wonder how our eldest will cope/behave when we go to .........

........ Australia in April!!!!!!


We booked our tickets online tonight, eeeeek, talk about a harrowing ordeal, especially having to log out, go fix something with our Airpoints, log back in, and re enter all the info...... and then have to do it again, aaaargh. Anyway, it's done, just to book accomodation tomorrow with Travel Agent SIL, and then wait.

It was supposed to be Jon and I, going to Fiji, for our 10th Wedding Anniversary, (which incidentally was April last year, not this year) which I am still sad about missing, but am also looking forward to a great family trip.

We were very fortunate to have accumulated enough airpoints to pay for our flights, so that was a huge saving to start with, just have to really restrict what we spend our money on in the next few months.

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!