Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 22, 23, & 24

Catch up, again!

Homemade Pizza's, chicken and apricot, well, these haven't got apricot 'cause the kids made them and they don't like it, but the one I made for myself had apricot...... mmmm.

OK, a very random photo. Favourite in our house, and very hard to find. We love this multigrain bread from Quality Bakers, but for some reason they only seem to get 1 tray of it in at the supermarket, so I have to time it to get it when it's on special, and I stock up.

I'm in loooooove! I got a Wishblade for my birthday! OK, so first I love my husband for buying it for me, but I love my Wishblade. First it was a mission to get it going, (thanks to Andrea for getting it here in time for me to play on the weekend, and to Jenny for helping me out aswell) it had the wrong cable, got that sorted, sweet. Then the second disk wouldn't load, so I could only do basic tasks, until I realised, duh! that I was trying to load the Mac version, so once I got the right disk in, I was away.

Here is my first project, which in hindsight wasn't a good one to start with. It is a dingbat, which I have made into several pieces to reassemble. I got good at doing a general cut, then got a bit more adventurous, trying to take out some of the cut lines etc, which I managed to do OK with the yellow, but now I've gone back to do blue bits to fill in and I can't remember how I did it. So I will finish off here, and go have another play!