Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just trying out this remote blogging thing....

.... not sure if it will work.

We are off this afternoon, staying the night in Auckland as we have an early flight and have to be at the airport at eeeek, 4.30am. This is Mr 7's effort, must say, he didn't do too bad, just had to throw in a couple of items of clothing, and take out a few unnecessary things.
Thanks for all your well wishes, advice, reminders, we are really looking forward to it.... I just wish the kids would stop messing up behind me!

ETA OMG, that was so easy, might have to do all my blogging that way!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Even longer.....

..... between posts.

5 sleeps and counting. Not that I'm getting excited or anything, LOL. This week is all about doing jobs around the house, and outside. Usually all the boring jobs get left till I'm on school holiday, so these holidays they have to be accomplished in 1 week, plus packing. It's all the little jobs, making sure bills are set up to be paid, cancelling the paper,......... if you think of anything remind me will ya?

I haven't taken any photos lately, nothing exciting happening. I will share a couple of pages done, trying to use up some old supplies, especially letters. I don't think I've shown the first one, I just love it so wanted to share. I've taken to doing white backgrounds lately, certainly have lots of white cardstock from my refills.

The other 2 are fairly recent, ones I've actually finished, neither are 2 exciting, but hey, they are done, oh, and I was too lazy to take the Red Hot Birthday one out of the page protector, that's why there is a glare.

Holidays? Well, kids have not been too bad.... wish they would entertain themselves instead of asking for TV all the time. I mean, as is always said, we never watched that much TV when we were little. Trying to avoid doing anything costly, as obviously these holidays are going to cost a bit, but might take them to the pools this afternoon.

Monday, April 14, 2008

So long.....

.... lots happening.

Been spending heaps of time playing with the Wishblade. Trying new things, different things, haven't cut much, but that's the good thing, you can play to your hearts content, and then just try something new.

Jon went fishing last weekend, his first real fishing trip. A real boys weekend away, apart from being sick the first day and night, I think he enjoyed himself, even came home with some snapper for us for dinner. The guys gutted them on the way back in on the boat, but we had to fillet it when he got home, so called our friend from down the road to show us, now we know!

This weekend just gone we mucked around home, the weather has started to close in, although it was nice for the Balloons over Waikato on Saturday. We were going, we weren't, we weren't, finally we did. Man, it was packed, far more people there than when they had it at the Lake. I think there were a lot of teenagers there more for the rides and the sideshows, of which there were not so many at the old venue.

Saturday was also our wedding anniversary, Jon jokingly informed me I had to wait a couple of weeks for my present (going to Australia), so when the fireworks started at the Balloons I told him I'd organised it especially for him! LOL.

Sunday we managed to go for a walk up town, just mucking around, and then visited FIL for his birthday.

Have been busy trying to sort a whole lot of paperwork out, you know everything seems to need to be renewed at the same time, warrants, insurances, etc as well as trying to get bits sorted out for Australia, less than 2 weeks to go now.

Friday, April 04, 2008


I wasn't going to post tonight, (not that you would miss me, LOL) as we are having family movie night (minus the Dad, because he is away for the weekend) but I need to vent.

Cold callers, phone marketers, surveys, whatever you call them, they annoy the cr@p outta me.

Tonight, right on dinner time the phone goes, and I stupidly answered it, thinking it might have been DH. After a huge pause, which is obvious why later, a lady with a terrible accent, don't know where from, starts talking. Now. she speaks good english, but with the accent, and the distance, (she's in Australia) she is very hard to hear and understand. She waffles on about this Affordable Holidays Vacation Club, which sounds good, but hey, as they say, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! At one stage when I get interupted by one of the kids she asks to speak to one of them...... saying, we've just had a baby and I love kids. Whatever! I tell her politely that it is a very poor connection and they won't be able to hear her! After close to 10 minutes, she says, OK, I'll put you through to my supervisor, so I wait for him, before I lose it, and tell him how hard it is to hear him, that my dinner is burning and my kids are fighting. He is going to ring back at 2pm tomorrow, ha, when I'm not home.

By contrast, the phone just rang again, and, stupid me, answers it again. This time a lady says in a nice clear voice, this is blah blah, from blah blah company, I'm looking for a suitable person for a survey on blah blah, so I say, 'well, who do you want', and she says, 'female, 20 - 24', and I say 'no, sorry', and she says thanks, bye. Now how easy was that!

I was going to post a layout I did, ages ago, but after reading Trace's blog, was reminded about it, and don't think I've shown it here, but I don't have it already photographed and on my computer, so will add it tomorrow. She has some great info there, something I'm passionate about too, probably not as much as her obviously, but it's information that makes a huge difference when the kids get from her stage, at kindy, to mine as new entrants!