Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time waster

OK, so I have so many better things I should be doing, but this is lots of fun

If you go here, you can do lots of cool things with your photos (click on them will give you a much better idea of what I'm on about)

Image hosted @

Image hosted @

Not like you needed anymore ideas on how to waste time, aye???!??!?


Angel Gurl said...

I love that website and the cool things that you can do. I have made a few posters on there.

Trace said...

Hee hee hee - press now aye?! You'll get into all the 'right' places with that card LOL!

Penny said...

I like the inspiration poster thing... easy to make some satirical ones ;)

dizzy Lizzie said...

good to play with ya last night Angela. had fun with the girls.xx may be come to your crop one day when DH will let me out to play again Lol