Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Ok, shouldn't really complain too much, the kids haven't been too bad, but I am looking forward to have a bit more routine around here.

We've passed time the last couple of weeks by keeping busy, pools, golf, went on a 'tramp'.

Now Cameron is old enough, he is able to stay at the pools by himself, which is great, as Braden tends to swim for half an hour and want to go home. This last week we all went up, but left Cameron there for a while to enjoy it, and boy, he had great fun. He also enjoyed the dive pool, which he hasn't been in before, so loved the slide and the mini tramp.We bought the boys a golf set, so they can follow in the family footsteps. Not mine though (can't play golf to save myself) These photos aren't very good, it was after dinner and there are too many shadows. We took them up again today, to show Grandma, but I didn't have my camera, so will have to get some better photos next time.

We decided to do something with the kids, rather than go somewhere, know what I mean, spend time rather than money (ie, movies, or rides, etc) so decided to go walk the Karangahake Gorge, through the tunnel. The problem was we went to the wrong place. We went into Waihi, and caught the train out, thinking the place to leave from was the Waikino Cafe, only we needed to leave from further up the road. Never mind, we got off the train, and went for a walk to the waterfall, and back and had some lunch at the cafe, and then back into town, and a wander around.


Hannah said...

Sounds like you really made the most of the holidays, Angela! That is how I imagine school holidays will be for us when the boys are bigger - spending time at the pool, golf, hiking, movies, etc. They are a bit little to do all that now (though we try!!) ... great photos, looks like you all had lots of fun!!

Janine said...

good old Waihi, my summer holiday home. Glad you enjoyed the tramp.

Penny said...

Lovely handsome kids :) Sounds like they've had some great holidays.