Friday, January 06, 2006

Auckland Zoo

We always go to the Auckland Zoo, usually between Christmas and New Year, this year we decided to go right on New Years Day. We hadn't done anything the night before, boring, so were ready to do something. The zoo was busy, but no busier than any other day.

We were fortunate to catch the elephant 'talk', even if we were trying to catch the tiger one. Those elephants are amazing, Kashin, and Burma. Kashin weighs 3.3 ton, Burma about 2.8 (if my memory serves me right!) In the third photo you can see Kashin moving a log, which itself weighs about 3 ton, and she was mainly using her trunk for that. Now, not only are they strong, but they are also nimble, as can be seen in the second photo, where Kashin is balancing on a skinny little log, and also climbing her way around the rocks into the pool.(first photo)

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