Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A bit of a laugh

For those with nothing to do, enter your name and the word needs, (eg Angela needs) into Google. Then try wants........

Heres my little laugh

Angela needs a family who will access and work with a therapist
Angela needs help! (no comment please!!!)
Angela needs to untangle her emotional attachment
Angela needs to be in the school for the disabled
Angela needs to get her 'Ramsay' cookbook
Angela needs her coffee (those that know me well enough will laugh at that one)
Angela needs to know how many tables and chairs we need

Angela wants it gone
Angela wants the pic removed
Angela wants to see what John sees (mmmmmmmm, so what does John see???)
Angela wants to learn the family business and won't take no for an answer
Angela wants to know what the turnout was
Angela wants to know why more vehicles don't have MP3-aware CD players

and finally

Angela wants to uncover the truth (oh yeah)

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