Wednesday, April 05, 2006

OK, so I stink at this blog thing.......

....... but I am still here.

I've just typed a whole post and then lost it, aaaargh, so this may be the abridged version.

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky to be taken to away for the weekend, courtesy of JOns work, a kind of partner appreciation time. We went to Waitomo, stayed at the original hotel, and in the afternoon learned we were to go Black Water Rafting. OK, 2 things, first, I am scared of small/confined spaces, secondly they were dividing the group up, and we were being mixed, so, get to know the person next to you, they are your new rafting buddy. It was not as bad as I first thought, the space thing wasn't as bad as I first thought, and we had a great group, including 2 really cool guides.
In the evening, we dressed up, or rather down, farm attire, and went to Billy Blacks. Now you may not know Billy, but you may have seen his mate, Don Rash on TV. Billy does a 'farm show', absolutely fabulous, lots of animals, and audience participation, I would imagine a real hit with the tourists. Check it out

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karen said...

Hey Angela, you're not so bad at the blog thing :)
I've been surprise blackwater rafting, and like you, found it Not Quite as Bad as I'd thought ... relieved it was over though (been there, done that now!)