Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And another makes 5

Make you look?

Our guinea pig had babies.

I hadn't blogged in a while, and it was someone else who made the comment, she feels like she needs to put a photo with each entry. I thought, yep, that's me too, so I'll share some photos of our newest additions.

These 2 little critters here are only 5 days old, can you believe it? On day 1 they were outside, running around, eating grass, etc. Now, they are just roaring around, in and out, having great fun.

We still have a baby from the last litter, she is blind, and no one wants her, so she now lives with us. She has taken on a protective big sister role, and can often be found snuggling up with the babies to keep them warm. Thats her in the background of the 'group photo', and baby in front, along with Mum, left, and Dad, little brother must have been camera shy.


karen said...

What a cute family! I thought guinea pigs had huge litters ... not so?
We have friends who - like me - are allergic to cat and dog hair, so guinea pigs were the answer when the youngest child NEEDED a pet :) Very cute.

Angela said...

Well, actually Karen, she had 3, but someone/somehow, 1 of them got mauled. Not sure if it was the mum, or the dad, but it was mauled, very badly. As far as the kids know, she only had 2, I didn't think it was something they needed to deal with. Unfortunately since then, the little white baby has run away, so once the coloured boy goes to the petshop we will be down to 3, and THATS IT!