Sunday, July 30, 2006

Some pages I've done

Quite pleased with myself, both of these pages were started and finished in 1 sitting.

Normally I'll start them, and then put them aside, either 'cause I don't like the way it's going, or I don't have the right colour, and they tend to stay there.

In fact I have a drawer full of unfinished pages!


Anonymous said...

I love your pages...they are great..i am like you i have so many unfinished have inspired me to try and start and finish a couple of pages in one sitting...I found your blog from Ruth's who i found via Jainine's - Cheers, Debs aka Scrappygirl

Janine said...


well done!!!! They do look great!! Now your on a roll lol. I love the colours in both and I so love blacka nd white photos.

karen said...

Love your pages! Especially the *time out* with broken journalling ... am loving that style at the moment.