Saturday, August 12, 2006

Braden is 6!

I ask what the theme is going to be for this years birthday party! Ninja Turtles. Apparentely Ninja Turtles have made a big comeback, having been around when I was a kid, but the big news is the movie coming out next year!

Anyway, a Ninja Turtle party it was. Complete with Ninja Turtle cake, Leonardo is the favourite, pin the mask on the ninja turtle, and all the green foods and decorations I could come up with.The funniest part to the day was a new game. New to the kids, again something that was around when I was a kid. It has chocolate, which has to be a good start. You have to throw the dice, and when you get a six, you put the jacket and hat, (and gloves if you are one of the older boys), and using a knife and fork, proceed to cut, square by square a block of chocolate. However, while this is happening your mates are continuing to throw the dice, and if they get a six, you must relinquish the clothing and utensils, and rejoin the queue for those wishing for a six.

Fortunately for Cameron, who never seemed to keep the jacket on long enough to pick up the knife and fork, managed to secure an ally in Aunty Wendy, who towards the end, helped with the cutting, while Cameron made the most of the spoils.

Absolute hilarity to watch, frustrating to participate in, guess what I was doing.


Janine said...

sounds like it was a cool party. Love the cake and the games sounded like fun. I love that shocolate game. I used to play that with the brownies....

karen said...

Loved that game ... though never played it when I was only six (or perhaps that's just that I never went to parties until I was older??) ... my sheltered life LOL
Great Ninja-green-theme photos.