Sunday, December 31, 2006

Yaaaaaaaaay, it's done!

After many problems, trying to get my computer from hubby and the kids, running out of ink, then having to retrieve the software from the old computer so I could print my photos in the sizes I wanted.......... never mind, it's done.

I've done the pages, will work on the cover tonight, while I laze around awaiting the New Year

Challenge 1 - Tree

Challenge 2 - Food

Challenge 3 - Gifts

Challenge 4 - Events

Challenge 5 - The meaning of Christmas

Challenge 6 - Music

Challenge 7 - Summer

Challenge 8 - Family

Challenge 9 - Family photo

Challenge 10 - After lunch

Challenge 11 - Christmas Eve

Challenge 12 - Boxing Day

Now my pages don't appear in this order, and therefore will not make much sense, there are also other halves missing, which is why some of the titles are only half there, but I wanted to get these pages posted for now.

ETA I've just noticed the 'd' has gone awol on the parade page, will have to find it or make another!


Janine said...

whoooo hoooo and well done on completing the challenge. Loved reading about how you ask others to donate to Oxfam and how you donate to the foodbank and teh tree in town. Loved your music page and you have similar songs on your list to mine. Hate snoopys xmas though lol. Yummy food to and loved the santa float. Well done on completing this and taking part.

Hannah said...

Love it, Angela!! Great job there! You used similar papers to me, I agree they are just "asking" to be used for this sort of thing!! I particularly loved the Santa Parade page ... but did wonder about the missing "d" lol ;-)
I enjoyed reading your journalling, and seeing how you celebrate the season.

scrapgeek said...

They look awesome :)

Tracy said...

Awesome work Angela, doesn't it feel great to have completed the challenges and have such a neat album at the end of it!

ruth said...

cool layouts! I took photos for the first 3 days of Christmas then gave up.

Dianna said...

Those pages look awesome guess you did 6 x 6 too.

Christi said...

Angela - thanks for popping by my blog! I seem to remember you have come before but it was your post today that has brought me here. So I've had a look around and good for you completing Janine's challenge! It looks awesome. And I love that you added a cd of the music. I must finish mine, and soon lol.