Friday, January 05, 2007

Camerons birthday /Rotorua

Saturday was Cameron's birthday, so, as his birthday 'party' won't be till later in the holidays, we decided to go to Rotorua for the day. It started out a bit miserable, and we braved a bit of rain for a game of mini-putt, and the boys went in the racing car simulator.

Then we went into town, and bought some bedroom furniture, during which time, the weather had cleared to be an absolutely beautiful afternoon, so we braved the crowds and went up the gondola. We were very fortunate to have arrived just as some guys were leaving, and they gave us their passes (the queue at this stage was about 20 minutes, and they had had enough), so we got a total of 9 free rides, wahoo! Last time Cameron had riden the luges with us, as we didn't feel he was capable of operating it himself. That time we were on the luge with him, and obviously it was heavier than if it was just him, so this time we let him try it by himself. That was the end of him. Had a ball. We finally used our passes up, (the queues got quite short after our second turn) and left about 7.30, very tired, but having had a great day.


Janine said...

looks like a great day was had by all

Hannah said...

Sounds like a great day!! I love the luge, it is so much fun. Can't wait to take my boys down to Rotorua to check it out. Last time we went Ethan (who is now 4 1/2) was only a baby!