Monday, July 16, 2007

More tags

I have been tagged by Ruth so here we go!

My roommate and I once: went to Scrapcamp together

Never in my life have I: done a bungy jump or skydive

High school was : just down the road from me

When I’m nervous : I get flustered

My hair : really needs washing

When I was 5 : I would walk to school, by myself!

When I turn my head left : some scrap pages hanging beside me

I should be : finishing the unpacking from the weekend (more on that later)

By this time next year : I will be unpacking from going to Conference 2008 Auckland.

My favorite aunt is : mmmm, don't like playing favourites

I have a hard time understanding : the male mind!

You know I like you if : I talk to you ?!?!?

My ideal breakfast is : anything, I'm naughty at eating breakfast, so if I get anything I'm doing well!

If you visit my home town : you won't get too excited!

If you spend the night at my house: be prepared to have the cat join you in the middle of the night

My Favorite blonde is :

My favorite brunette is :

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds : ummmm.......

I shouldn’t have been : staying up so late

Last night I: caught up on some much needed sleep, although I still need more

A better name for me would be : Sometimes, like all mums, I feel like I should have been called Superwoman

I’ve been told I look like : the other girl in town who looks like me

If I could have any car, it would be: I've always loved VW's, but I'm not much of a car person

Mmmm, who to tag. OK, I'll start with Sharon, Hannah, & Christi


Hannah said...

You really do learn a lot about people from these things!

Thanks for the tag - I'll try and get onto it later in the week :-)

janine said...

welcome home, how was the drive??? I have that wee book thanks to looking at yours. :-). You know when I saw you walked to school when you were five it made me relaise I did too. Such different times back then. Does anyone understand the male mind???

ruth said...

only another male can understand the male mind and then I'm sure they'd have trouble!